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Rent bikes in Tampere at E.A.T. Tampere

We believe that using a bike is the best way to discover a new city. Our rental bicycles in Tampere are perfect for city use, but also those who want to venture out of the city will experience a comfortable ride.

Our rental bikes in Tampere come with a lock and helmet and minimum 7 gears so you will enjoy also the hilly parts of the Tampere region. If you are making longer trips you can also rent luggage carriers for the bikes.

Make the booking via our website in order to be sure your bike(s) will be ready for you on the day of arrival.

The use of lock and helmet are included in the rental price.

Here are the 2017 prices for renting the bike for:

1 day €20,-
2 days €36,-
3 days 48,-
Extra days +8€/day

Luggage carrier 19 liter – not waterproof

 1 day €4,-
2-3 days €7,-
4-5 days €10,-
6-7 days €12,-

Luggage carrier 38 liter – waterproof

1 day €6,-
2-3 days €11,-
4-5 days €16,-
6-7 days €20,-

Luggage carrier 90 liter – not waterproof

1 day €6,-
2-3 days €11,-
4-5 days €16,-
6-7 days €20,-

One day equals a period of 24 hours and bikes can be rented during all days of the week.

If you rent for more than 60 euro we will collect and bring the bike free of charge to your accommodation in Tampere center. If you rent for less than 60 euro or if you are outside Tampere center we charge a small additional fee.

Get in touch with us for more information or for making a bike rental booking

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