About Us

Out of the ordinary tours with a special twist.

E.A.T. Tampere = fun local tours that take you to places that are not in the guidebooks.

E.A.T. Tampere is = Michel Faas – The importe(n)d guy 😉

Michel Faas

Michel Faas

As sport instructor and social worker I settled myself in the far north because of my love for the nature and in the Tampere area because of the interesting city life.

I started offering walking and bicycle tours, instead of a bus tour, because this is a more environmentally friendly way of experiencing Tampere. Besides that it also gives more freedom to show and experience the hidden gems of the city.

E.A.T, Tampere= Jarno Jokela – The local dude!

Jarno JokelaI am a professional sport instructor and I work with youngsters, grannies and everything in between.

We work directly with small businesses, promoting them as they promote us as part of a friendly business ethic. We will only recommend places and services that we would use ourselves.