Tampere Parks

Kaupin Urheilupuisto – Kauppi’s sport park

A beautiful park with loads of paths that are great for running, cycling but also for a nice relaxing walk. In the middle of the park there are sport facilities. In winter this park is used for winter sports like sledding and cross-country skiing. In summer you can take a walk to the lakeside and enjoy a peaceful sunrise of sunset. One of the most beautiful park in Tampere. This park is located some kilometres from the city centre. Close to this park we can find Rauhaniemi sauna.

Viikinsaari island

This is a summer recreation island for the whole family. On the island there are various activities throughout the summer. On the western part of the island there is a protected nature reserve. The inner parts of the island are covered with herb-rich flora. Southwest of  the public campfire place luies the herb rich spuce swamp. Enjoy the primeval forest with sprunce trees of 30 meters tall. There is a viikinsaari nature path and you can find the guide at the islands information service. You can get to the island by boat from laukontori harbor every hour. You can get back from Viikinsaari at every half hour. The trip will take about 20 minutes.


On the lakeside of lake pyhäjärvi we find the botanical gardens. This is a real oases of beauty and peace. It is located a couple of kilometres from the city centre but definitely worth visiting. In summer you can stroll through the rose gardens that look like a real paradise.

The actual arboretum was created in the 1970’s and is called Hatanpäänpuisto – Arboretum (Hatanpää Park – Arboretum). You can visit all kinds of trees and plants and wonder around with always a lovely view on the lake. There is a small coffee house that provides a nice place for a drink in the middle of the park. In the park you can find the Latin and Finnish name of all the species that grow there. Some of the plants in the park date from the 18th century. Especially the plants that are growing in Tampere region can be found here.

In 1994 a rock garden was created in the arboretum. There are over one hundred perennials and some thirty deciduous and coniferous shrubs, all thriving in the rocky ground. In the rock garden you can also observe different types of natural stone and concrete materials.

A rose garden was created in the park with a big variety of species and after several renovations in the past years it is a must-see when visiting this area. The best time to visit this part of the park is from the end of July until late September

The Arburetum is situated close to the city center and is accessible by bus or you can go there by bike and cycle on the banks of the lake.

Näsipuisto – Näsi park

On the side of Näsijärvi we find a park that overlooks the lake.

Hämeen Puisto – Hämeen park

This long and narrow park runs across the whole city and divides 2 parts of the city. Originally the function was to prevent fire from spreading so it was a fire barrier. In 1870 they atrted with planting trees in this long park. It also had the name Esplanadi in the past, but in 1933 this was changed into Hämeenpuisto. In 1921 Vapaudenpatsas (Statue of Freedom) by Viktor Jansson was unveiled in the park in front of the Alexander Church. In 1951 a statue of Minna Canth was sculpted by Lauri Leppänen, and in 1981 a statue named Uutinen (News) was created by Heikki Varja.

It starts from Näsipuisto and continues until Etelä puisto. Besides the park there are 2 main roads. In this park we find the statue of freedom which is close to metso library and there is a nice outdoor cafe where you can have a drink in the sun.

Etelä puisto – South park

Finland has it’s own south park that overlooks pyhäjärvi lake. In this park we can find a midgetgolf course and several places to enjoy the sunshine. This park also had a path that leads to the Tampere beach and summer Theatre.

Koski Puisto – central park

In the heart of the centre we find koski puisto. This park is situated next to the Tampere rapids. This park is a restful place in the middle of city life. The park has a great view on the rapids and city power plant. It also has a separate play yard for children next to it.

Sorsapuisto – Duck park

Two minutes walking distance form the railwaystation we find Sorsapuisto. This park is build around a small pond where you can find many ducks. The pond is naturally formed by a spring and in 1930 the park around the pond was constructed.

The park was renovated during the construction of Tampere Hall in 1989 – 1990, when the number of park fittings was increased and old plants were replaced. There is a playground in the park.

In summer there are – apart from wild ducks – different species of birds living on the shore of the pond. Swans, peacocks, and other rarer species spend the winter at the Hatanpää birdhouse looked after by the parks department.

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